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Consortium for Gender, Sexuality, Race and Popular Culture

Apr 6, 2021

Julien and Sofia, the founders of “the Loft,” find their first flatmates, and transform their messy rental into a dream space for all sorts of creative endeavors. Also, we ask the “Loft Kids” how 7-14 street dancing strangers coming from all over the world, speaking different languages, with different cultures, racial backgrounds and sexual orientations, how they all got along together in a space with no locks on doors, one bathroom, and a stranger on every couch. How did the Loft Kids create a way of surviving and thriving across their differences and how did the experience impact their professional and personal journey?

Hosted by Edwin Hill. Dance Hubs is produced and distributed by The Consortium for Gender, Sexuality, Race and Popular Culture, a faculty-led initiative at USC Dornsife.